5th EMFF - November 20th-22th, 2014. Husum/Hüsem, North Frisia

Welcome to the 5th European Minority Film Festival

The 5th European Minority Film Festival takes place from 20th - 22nd Nov 2014 in Husum / Hüsem (North Frisia)

More information is coming soon.


Quelle: Kulturjournal, Stiftung Nordfriesland

About the organisers: Friisk Foriining

Friisk Foriining

Last year the Friisk Foriining (Frisian Society) celebrated its 90th anniversary. Founded under the name of 'Friesisch-Schleswiger Verein' in the year 1923, the society has always considered the Frisian language and culture as independent and therefore on equal terms with the other languages and cul tural groups within the German-Danish border area. The society's main objective is to maintain and to develop the Frisian language and the Frisian identity.

The Friisk Foriining has about 600 members and regards the Frisians as being a people in their own right and an ethnic-autochthonous minority within Germany, comparable to the Sorbs in Lusatia. The most important objective is to protect and to promote the Frisian language and culture.

In cooperation with the Frisian youth organization 'Rökefloose' ('flock of ravens', www.roekefloose.de) the Foriining arranges events for young people and leisure activities, among other things. During these arrangements Frisian is spoken. In the area of school education, the Friisk Foriining cooperates with the Dansk Skoleforening (Danish School Association of the Danish minority in Southern Schleswig). The Skoleforening offers Frisian lessons in some of its schools and, furthermore, runs the only school in which classes are conducted in Frisian on an equal footing with Danish and German (www.risumskole.de).

The Foriining also arranges tours to other language minorities in Europe and offers a so-called 'Friisk Harfsthuuchschölj' for individuals and families every year. This 'Harfsthuuchschölj' offers courses over a period of 5 days, usually in October, where interested people can participate in various activities like computer workshops, story-writing, craft activities, history workshops etc., all held in Frisian language.

In a further project daily Frisian messages are produced for a commercial Internet radio (www.radio-mm.de), which can be downloaded under www.friiskforiining.podspot.de.

Since 2006 in a two-yearly rhythm the Friisk Foriining performs a European-wide film festival for feature films in minority languages.